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Westminster Abbey


Westminster Abbey isn't just a masterpiece of English gothic architecture, it is also a physical and symbolic place in which the history of the United Kingdom is preserved and sanctified, the theatre of all the royal family's most solemn ceremonies
It was Edward the Confessor who ordered the construction of “West Minster”, in other words the “western abbey parish”. William the Conqueror held his triumphant arrival on horseback here in 1066, thereby starting the tradition of coronation inside the abbey.
The interior is structured into three aisles, 156 metres long and with a transept 31 metres wide. The central aisle is an impressive sight: 31 metres high (the highest church in the kingdom) contrasts with its width of only 12 metres, giving the space a strong sense of vertical momentum.
At least five thousand “great” people have been buried or commemorated in this mausoleum.

Westminster Abbey


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