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A trip around London’s Markets

Portobello Road Londra

London is a gold mine for anyone looking for unusual and original items.
For anyone looking for alternative shopping Camden town is heaven, an area which has kept its working class character. In the seventies and eighties it became a trendy area: Verlaine and Rimbaud lived there. The centre of life in this area is the market, which has increased in size and is open every day. It’s an excellent market for clothes, both new and second hand, records and all kinds of other objects. Whilst walking around Camden Town it is not rare to meet curiosity-seekers and all kinds of people, such as punks or dandys. Even on classic rainy days Camden town makes you cheerful and full of life; it is considered by many to be a place not to be missed when visiting London.
Another lively market is the one situated in Portobello Road, where it is possible to find all kinds of antiques, as well as used records, antique clothes and jewels stalls. The best day to visit the market is Saturday, from early morning to circa 4.30 p.m.

The camden market Londra

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» A trip around London’s markets