Useful Information for Travelling around London



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some practical information for visiting London

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Customer Care

Customer Care

Useful Information for Travelling around London

Public holidays: most offices and business activities are closed down on public holidays, which include New Year's Eve, Good Friday, Easter, the May Day Bank Holiday (which is on the first Monday in May), the Spring Bank Holiday (the last Monday of May), the Summer Bank Holiday (the last Monday in August), Christmas and Boxing Day (St. Steven's).

International dialling codes: To call a number in England from Italy it is necessary to add the international dialling code for the United Kingdom +44 before the phone number

St. Thomas Hospital - Lambeth Palace Road, London, SE1 7EH, UK 020 71887188

Lambeth Community Care Centre - Monkton St, London, SE11 4TX, UK 020 74115840

Health Professionals Nurses Agency and Homecare Service - 67 Knightsbridge, London, SW1X 7RA, UK 020 7201 1140

Medical Despatch Ambulance Services LTD - 302 Regent Street, London, W1, UK
0870 443 9393

Lister Hospital - Chelsea Bridge Rd, London, SW1W 8RH, UK 020 77303417

National Hospital for Neurology & Neuro Surgery - 23 Queen Square, London, WC1N 3BG, UK 020 78373611

For a complete list of hospitals see,

999 is the single phone number for emergencies (for the police, for the fire-brigade, for an ambulance)

Phone numbers for an Emergency:

For an ambulance, the fire-brigade, the police: dial 999

Directory services:   
192, United Kingdom directory
153, International directory
155, to get hold of an operator for calling abroad

Breakdown assistance: call the AA (Automobile Association) 0800 887766; or call the RAC (Royal Automobile Club) 0800 828282

Tourism Offices :

E.N.I.T. (Ente Nazionale Turismo), 1 Prince's Street, W1, 02073551557

TIC ( Tourist Information Centres) della stazione di Liverpool St, Liverpool St Underground Station phone: 020 09068 663344 (info)

TIC del terminal di Waterloo, Waterloo Int Terminal Arrivals Hall, phone: 020 09068 663344 (info)

TIC della stazione Victoria, Victoria Station Forecourt, phone: 020 09068 663344 (info)

TIC di Heathrow, Terminal 1, 2, 3,  Piano Underground Station Concourse, phone: 020 9068 663344 (info)

British Travel Centre, Lower Regent Street, SW1

Rail information Centre (informazioni su tutta la rete ferroviaria), 0990 848848 o 0845 74844950

London Tourist Information, 0906 8663344