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Events in London

London has a great many festivals and events; on New Year’s Eve the celebrations in Trafalgar Square with fireworks and in general in the streets, are followed by the New Year parade. In the Covent Garden mardi gras you will find food competitions, and in the first days of May runners compete in the London Marathon

  • In mid May there is also the final of the football F.A. Cup, during which London becomes very hectic. In the last week of May the colourful Chelsea Flower show is held.

  • In June the Trooping of the Colour is held, a parade to celebrate the Queen’s birthday; in the same month the Wimbledon tennis tournament is held, which lasts for two weeks, as well as the London Pride, the biggest European gay festival. The biggest military parade in the world, the Royal Tournament is held in July at Earl’s Court, whilst in August the bubbly and colourful Notting Hill Carnival takes place.

  • The end of September is the period for horse enthusiasts: in fact Horseman's Sunday takes place in Hyde Park, during which 100 thoroughbreds receive the blessing of a parish priest on horseback, whilst equestrian games take place in Kensington Gardens.

  • In the cold season, during Guy Fawkes Night on the 5th of November, a great many bonfires are lit up. At the end of November there is the Lord Mayor's Show, with parades, musical shows and fireworks. In December Trafalgar Square is illuminated by the not to be missed Lighting of the Christmas Tree.

  • November - December: Christmas Markets