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Welcome to London !

London is the capital of Great Britain and England. A multi-ethnic city of global importance, it is enormously influential in terms of culture, art, communication, politics as well as in economic terms.With its 7,5 million inhabitants it is the most populated city in the European Union.

London has five international airports which make it a fundamental focal point for the entire world.
The City of London is the area in which London's stock exchange, the most important financial market in the world, is located, developed in the place where business activity has carried on since Roman Lodninium times.
Numerous institutions, organisations and international companies are located in London. The city has museums, theatres, dance halls and concert halls recognised all over the world.
Because it is a multi-ethnic metropolis, you will meet people of different nationalities, religions and cultures travelling around London.

London has the oldest and largest tube network in the world, inaugurated on the 10th of January 1863. It now has 274 stations and more than 408 Km of used underground lines which cover the whole of the city.
London is a city of villages and it would not be acceptable to try and establish a virtual "city centre"; if, however, it can be said that this city, which reaches outwards in all directions, has a heart, even if it is only an artificial heart, then it can be found in the area called the "West End", given the name by a comparison with the other centre which is the city of London, in the east.
The West End is the city's principal entertainment and shopping centre, Perhaps it can be said that Trafalgar Square is its best known area, but Soho, London's "red light district", a street famous all over the world for shopping like Oxford Street, Piccadilly Circus and Regent Street are also located here.


Places not to be missed in London


» The Houses of Parliament

» British Museum

» Buckingham Palace – The changing of the Guard

» National Gallery

» Natural History and Geological Museum

» Westminster Abbey

» Tower Bridge

» A trip around London’s markets